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Which Richard Swain Did Nancy Littell Marry?

Nancy Littell, daughter of Henry Littell b. 1747, Married which Richard Swain?


A Swain researcher poses the question: which Richard Swain married Nancy Littell, daughter of Henry Littell, b. 1747 Chatham Township, NJ.

According to the LFH&G, Henry married Mary Ann Clark and had seven children, the last being Nancy. Data from the LDS database, however, shows Henry married Mary Ann Clark Oct. 20,1811, in Essex, NJ (New Jersey Marriages, 1678-1985). The first child listed to this couple is Jonathan, who was born 1769. Clearly, there was a wife prior to Mary Ann Clark.

In an attempt to discern the birthdate for Henry Littell’s last child, Nancy, one can assign births approximately every two years in order to establish a very approximate date. In this case, the children listed for Henry are:

  1. Jonathan (b. 1769)
  2. William (b. c. 1771)
  3. Abby (b. c. 1773)
  4. Hannah (b. c. 1775)
  5. Susan (b. c. 1777), married John Tailor, son of William Tailor
  6. Mary “Polly” (b. c. 1779)
  7. Nancy (b. c. 1781), married Richard Swain.

“The Swains have been trying to determine when Nancy Littell married Richard Swain, because there were two Richards alive around that era,” writes researcher Kevin. “The Richard Swain I am directly related to was born around 1755-1764 (conflicting dates). He was the signal lighter for the ‘Old Sow’ cannon for the Battle of Springfield. The other Richard was his nephew, and was born 1799.

“Depending on when Nancy Littell was born and lived would help clarify which Richard she married. I figured the best way to find out would be to ask the Littell family. Any help you can provide would really be appreciated.”

My guess: Nancy married the older Richard, not the nephew. But more research is indicated!

Contact: Kevin Swain

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