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Kathy Zinskie ~ George Littell/Alice Pope Family Tree

George Littell and Alice Poor –

13 Generations


Kathleen Mary Coolican Zinskie (12/15/1962), Poughkeepsie, NY m. Harry Zinskie (11/20/1960) Blakely, PA

 d/o Phoebe Ann Littell (03/03/1936) Bradford, NY m. Eugene Thomas Coolican (03/04/1936-04/25/1990) Mayfield, PA- Carbondale, PA

 d/o Earl Benjamin Littell (02/20/1912-09/05/1984) Bradford, NY-Sun City AZ  m. Doris Jean Richardson (01/01/1915- 04/22/1994) NY, Sun City, NY

 s/o Benjamin Squire Littell (02/16/1879-05/6/11 1949) NY-NY m.  Lola Leonard Paddock (04/15/189 -10/23/1944) Altay, NY- Bradford, NY

 s/o Moses Eugene Littell ( 09/01/1848-02/03/1982) Steuben NY-Bradford, NY m.  Sarah Ann Whitehead (11/15/1850-12/05/1919) Steuben, NY-Bradford, NY

 s/o David S. Littell (1820-01/22/1897) Altay, NY-NY, m.  Eva Childs (1822-11/1856) Tyrone, NY-Altay, NY

 s/o Moses S. Littell (1787 – 1865) Willow Grove, NJ- NY  m.  Nancy French (08/09/1781 – 01/27/1877) Essex, NJ-NY

 s/o Benjamin Littell (04/22/1755 – 09/22/1842) NJ- Bradford, NY  m.  Catherine Littell (1754-1813) Morris, NJ-Bradford, NY

 s/o Issac Littell (03/10/1735-01/23/1788) Westfield, NJ- Westfield, NJ m. Jemima Frazee (1730- 04/15/1777) Elizabethtown, NJ

 s/o Benjamin Littell (1704-04/14/1760) Westfield, NJ m.  Susan Tucker (1718- 1753) Westfield, NJ

 s/o Samuel Littell (1674-10/17/1744) m. Lynda Bonnell

s/o John Littell (bef 1646-1713) m. Dorothy

 s/o George Littell  m.  Alice Poor



Kathy Zinskie

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