Death Notices

Edmund Richard Littell



We have received news of the death of Edmund Richard Littell, born Sept. 6, 1949, (Life Member #30) on June 6, 2014.


Edmund Richard and Patricia Nee Littell had two sons: Michael Edmund and Steven Edmund.


Michael Edmund Littell married Megan Ruth Evans on Nov. 22, 2008 and have the following children: Ruth Ann Littell (b. 11/7/2010); Margaret Elizabeth Littell (b. 7/31/2013) and Thomas Michael Littell (b. 3/11/2015).


Steven Edmund Littell married Patricia Bluestein on June 4, 2016.


Edmund Richard Littell was the son of Frederick Moore (Life Member #3 and former chairman of the board of LFA)-Frederick John-Alonzo Lucius Jr.-Alonzo Lucius-Samuel Lucius Alonzo-Job Littell, born Dec. 29, 1742, in New Jersey; died Jan. 18, 1823 in Pennsylvania.


The Job Littell line, as yet incomplete, is found in Volume I Chapter 6 of Littell Families History & Genealogy by Judge Noble K. Littell.

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