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Searches can be specific or general.  Use the words AND, OR and NOT to create specific searches.  For example: (word1 and word2) or (word1 and word2 not word3) or (word1 or word2).  Entering Littell will return all articles containing the name Littell.  Enter Littell AND Gloria, and only articles containing the words Littell and Gloria will be returned.  Enter William OR Gloria, and articles containing either William or Gloria will be returned.  Enter anniversary NOT golden, and any article with the word anniversary will be returned, except articles that also contain the word golden. 

For more general searches, use the wildcard characters * and ? ,  where * will match any zero or more characters and ? will match any zero or one character. For example, con* will match confederate, contribute, and connect.  Bo? will find boa, boy and box.  Bo?? would find boar and boat.
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