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Our Latest Family Submission - James B. Littell

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There is no defined format for your submission. We ask that the information be limited to approximately 500 words and be sent in a Microsoft Word compatible format.  There is no need for documentation references. As noted on the database, it is the sole responsibility of the author to research the facts and data contained in the article. Citing sources is not required.  The article cannot be used for proof of lineage.  It can, however, serve as a guide for the continuation of research.

New! - Photo Album
 Submit your photos for inclusion in our Family Album. Provide as much information as you can about each photo.  Information should include full name, family lineage, birthdate, date photo was taken, etc.

Did you know Patti Littell Karsten Glaus?
Which Richard Swain Did Nancy Littell Marry?
Revolutionary War Patriot Nathaniel Littell Sr.
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Sons of the American Revolution - Patriot Biographies
[National Society - SAR website]
Valuable resource -
 If your ancestor served in the military, this fee-based database may be useful in your research. It is comprised of U.S. military records dating back to the Revolutionary War.

Male DNA Testing - Trace your paternal ancestry

We need your help.  In order to keep the Littell's Living Age alive, we need your input.  If you have any current or past information (marriage, birth, death, career, life or family event) on any of our members, please forward it to our editor for publication.  See below for editor.

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LLAs The original publications of Littell's Living Age printed in Boston are in the library of
 Dr. John Littell, Ocala, Florida. These publications contain information dated between 1844 and 1944.  More information can be found in the 1972 LLA.
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