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  A post on the Osage County, KS, Rootsweb website was forwarded by researcher Tonie:  


The Goodrich Graphic, Osage County (KS)

Friday, Feb. 7, 1890

David LITTELL, of Potosi township (Linn County), dropped dead at his gait, one day last week, while returning home from a brothers. About a year ago his brother met death about the same spot, and in the same manner. The cause is supposed to be heart trouble.


David may belong to Jonah Littell (born @ 1740 in NJ p. 1129 LFH&G), although the dates are a bit off: David Hosier Littell, born 28 March 1824, in IN, died 27 Jan 1890, Linn Co., KS. It lists his brother, Francis Whitcomb Littell, died 6 Jan. 1889, in Linn County.


If anyone can share some insight, please contact the LLA editor.


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